Enterprise Innovation

To stay competitive, companies are forced to Innovate products and services at an ever increasing pace. In order to keep up this pace enterprises are forced to innovate themselves as well. This requires dynamic management, organizational flexibility and smarter working methods (a.o. Volberda; 2011). Some call it Enterprise 3.0 or the networked Enterprise, others call it social innovation or the new organizing. We call it: Enterprise innovation.

Our Vision

To avoid stagnation, new innovative working practices are required to optimize collaboration in ever-changing locations and compositions. Directing these practices with the right content, workflow, collaboration and communication culture and infrastructure is the key to success. Enabling this flexibility requires dynamic management, supported by the right tools.

Our Mission

We support Enterprises in their strive towards more agility and performance in ever changing environments. We truly contribute by creating optimal collaboration and communication environments, supported with the right technology. We co-operate with organizations on a multi-level and in a multi disciplinary way to achieve this. Whether it is a large multinational or a mid sized local enterprise, Aerint is your partner! We bring your Enterprise Collaboration & Communication in Control!

Our Services

We provide our customers with the right knowledge and knowhow to optimize collaboration, content management and communication throughout the entire enterprise.

Consulting Services:

System Integration

Tooling support: